About Us

At the moment we are seven individuals who have got together over our concerns for the greenbelt and surrounding areas of Pogmoor, Gawber, Redbrook, Barugh Green and Higham.

We understand the future needs of housing and investment in Barnsley but with so many empty industrial units, properties and brownfield sites in the area we feel the destruction of the greenbelt locally and nationally should not happen merely to save the developer’s money.

Once the greenbelt is gone, it’s gone forever.

The planned development starts with a bypass going from the top of Hermit Lane (Higham) to the Chestnut Tree pub at Barugh Green. We feel that once this happens it will allow the planned housing and industrial sites to go ahead.

Although officially objections can’t be raised until June 2014 we feel very strongly that residents have had no say in any of these plans so far.

We’ll continue to post updates on this site, please do feel free to contact us or join a meeting.