Newsletter No.107

Dear Supporters,

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This newsletter details the inadequate preparation, inadequate research by the developer Strata but also by BMBC.
The issues now being investigated have been brought to the notice of Barnsley Council by Keep it Green 2014 since our formation in 2014 and were not taken note of.
As with the upswell of opposition to the decimation of MU1 by local residents living around MU1 who were not listened to neither was Keep it Green 2014 listened to.
The whole episode smakes of ameratureism, you’d have thought developer Strata and Barnsley Council would know what they are expected to research when proposing a large scale development but sadly they appear not to know what they are doing.
It doesn’t give anyone confidence in their abilities for the future.
Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.
Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards
Keep it Green 2014

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