Newsletter No. 88

Dear Supporters,

Please follow link below to read Keep it Green 2014’s latest Newsletter No. 88.
Also follow second link below to read Keep it Green 2014’s submission to the consultation on MU1 Masterplan Framework which closed on 24 October.

Keep it Green 2014’s submission didn’t follow the format set by Pegasus Group, the company working for the developers Strata and Stirling Capitol.
The consultation wasn’t even managed by Barnsley Council but by the developers agents, Pegasus Group.
The format presented gave very little scope for commenting on the Masterplan Framework, it was merely a tick-box exercise.
Ask the right question and you get the right answer springs to mind.
The last two pages of the format presented related to,
gender, age, disability, ethnicity.
Are those questions really relevant to destroying our Green Belt and building 1700 houses plus factory units upon it..
Kind Regards
Keep it Green 2014

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