Presentation Monday 23 September

Dear Supporters,
Please note there is a PUBLIC DROP-IN PRESENTATION on the plans for the destruction of our glorious Green Belt known as MU1 next
MONDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2019 between 3pm and 7pm

If you care then make every effort to attend and express your views in no uncertain way as forcefully as you can.
There’s nothing to loose, Strata and Barnsley Council are going to build upon and destroy what we all value most and they need to understand the anger and dismay they have created by their actions.
The personnel presenting do not care about you or your views and opinions, they are there to do a job and fulfil Barnsley Council’s legal obligation to ‘Consult’.

You may not know of this presentation as information about it has been minimal.
Many residents who live abutting MU1 haven’t received any information about it whatsoever, yet another example of Barnsley Councils inadequacy in publicising these events.

Keep it Green 2014 urges you to make every effort to attend and have your say Face to Face.
Section 15.1 of the Executive Director for Place Report to the Council says:
“There is a risk that the draft Masterplan Framework is not well received by the local community”

Let’s not disappoint the Executive Director of Place!


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