Newsletter 85

Dear Supporters,

Please follow link below to read KiG’s latest Newsletter No. 85.

You will see from the newsletter that the plan for MU1 has been formulated by the developer Strata and their accomplices know as Barnsley West Consortium.

The major owner of Strata is Irvin Weaver, originally a bricklayer from Doncaster, now lives in Harrogate and owns Harrogate Football Club.
The former Land Acquisitions Director of Strata is John England but still involved in the development of MU1. John England lives in Beverly with fields behind his garden.
The Representative for Strata at the Examination in Public was Paul Bedwell, he lives in Crosspool, Sheffield.

How can these three individuals care for or have any affinity for Pogmoor, Higham, Barugh Green, Redbrook or Gawber.

We have outsiders deciding our future, what happens within our area and Barnsley Council are abetting them.

So much for Barnsley Council representing the views of its electorate.

Keep it Green 2014

KIG Newsletter 85#

3 Responses so far.

  1. Terry & Lynda Lees says:

    Time to get together again to oppose these plans for MU1 !!
    Will share all relevant info on FB. and to the many who will be surprised at hearing what’s happening next to them for the first time even though KIG been going 5 yrs warning of this let down by BMBC.

  2. Iain Johnstone says:

    Can you let us know how we can support this so it doesn’t go ahead. Could we sign a petition or something?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Disgusting the children need an outdoor environment to play which is safe shame on the council