Dear Supporters,

On the 24 May 2018 the Secretary of State rejected proposals for a new village at Drake Park, Fieldcommon Lane, Molesey, within the Surrey Green Belt.
The planning Inspector examining Barnsley Local Plan. Sarah Housden, has been made aware of the Secretary of State’s decision by Keep it Green 2014.
If you check on Google Earth our site, MU1, and the Surrey sites are remarkably similar.
The reasons put forward by the Secretary of State for NOT building upon Green Belt are the same reasons put to the Barnsley Local Plan Examination by Keep it Green 2014.
We just hope the Inspector takes heed of the decision by the Secretary of State.

You can read about the decision by following the link below.
The Secretary of State’s Decision Letter and the Inspector’s Report can be found here –…/18-05-24_DL_IR_W……/secretary-state-reject…/

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