Keep it Green Newsletter No. 75

Dear Supporters,

Please follow link below to view KiG’s latest Newsletter No. 75.

It is a re-issue after we were asked to remove contact details for WYG Environmental, a company who are currently conducting a Bird Nesting Survey on MU1, our area of Green Belt.
After initially confirming to one of our supporters that they would welcome information from the public on birds and mammals within MU1 the company has contacted our supporter asking for the contact details to be removed from any Website citing the survey is confidential to their client.
We have therefore acceded to their wishes communicated to us.
Our supporters who have contacted WYG have received a further email from Strata, the developer who wants to destroy our Green Belt at MU1. citing the same reasons, the survey is confidential to Strata.
So we have a Bird Nesting Survey taking place where the developer, Strata, doesn’t want any input from the public surrounding MU1 but at the same time assert in their email to our supporter that Strata –
“— take a pro-active role in listening and working with communities as part of any development proposals —”

Also – “Should the Local Plan be allocated and the site released from the Green Belt ——- we would be expecting to engage in significant community consultation as a result”

We know that the majority of residents who live around MU1 have been living there for many, many years and know the wildlife within MU1 all too well.
Shame that Strata don’t want to access the wealth of local wildlife knowledge and consult with the community now rather than if or when the Green Belt is lost
The writer of this post has lived alongside MU1 for 32 Years and looks forward every year to seeing the Lapwings aerial displays when they nest in a nearby field as do neighbours too.
KiG has also been made aware of nesting Buzzards within MU1 area.

Should any development upon MU1 go ahead these birds along with many other species will disappear from our area, for good!

KIG Newsletter 75(2), 05 April 2018

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