Keep it Green 2014’s Stage 2 Hearing Statements

Dear Supporters,

Find below links to Keep it Green 2014’s Hearing Statement submissions to the Examination of Barnsley Local Plan Stage 2.

Stage 2 sessions will commence on Tuesday 18 July 2017
and will continue until Thursday 27 July 2017.
The Stage 2 hearings will be held at:
The Civic,
Hanson St,
Barnsley S70 2HZ

We urge you to read all the Hearing Statements.
A lot of work and effort has gone into producing these statements as well as the submissions to the Stage 1 Hearings.
We sincerely hope that the Inspector, Sarah Housden, takes on board our comments and realises that BMBC haven’t complied with various past Court Judgements setting precedents in case law for, Consultations and Green Belt demarcation to name just two.
BMBC didn’t even comply with its own policy at the draft consultation that said each household would receive a postcard notifying of proposed changes to Green Belt that could affect them.
When this was raised at the draft consultation stage what did BMBC do?
Why, they changed the policy so they didn’t need to send postcards out.
Still doesn’t change the fact that BMBC didn’t comply with their own rules at the draft consultation.

BLP EIP Main Matter 5 Spatial Strategy Background Paper
BLP EIP Main Matter 6 Green Belt Background Paper
BLP EIP Main Matter 7 Transport Background Paper
BLP EIP Main Matter 8 Landscape and natural Environment

9 Responses so far.

  1. Paul Hill says:

    A high quality, well researched and eloquent response. Very well done to all at KIG

  2. PS says:

    ‘All things are ready, if our minds be so’

  3. Jennifer Hampshire says:

    Thank you for protecting our environment from being swallowed up by development.
    The documentation that you have submitted to the inquiry seems very sound.
    Good luck and please keep me informed

  4. Gordon Firth says:

    Seriously impressive


    Gordon Firth

  5. John and Pat Dawson says:

    We live at 10 Mickleden Way which faces over the fields.(NOT down the cul de sac) As far as we can tell from the plan, the area of public space is at its narrowest point behind us and the stile (which needs mending) on the public footpath. Who is responsible for maintaining the safety of these public rights of way? Why does the grey area denoting industrial use come so close to the existing dwellings (and people trying to survive in them). Are the lorries etc. going to be spewing out their noxious gases right over our hedge for us to inhale 24/7? Are the council and developers trying to exterminate us in order to get on with the business of concreting over every last inch of pleasant greenbelt? Is there any way in law to protect our quality of life and air and well being from dangerous developments?

  6. John and Pat Dawson says:

    We are aware that Keep it Green are completely on the ball and are doing an amazing job – we do read everything you send us carefully and are grateful for your unstinting effort to protect our environment AND US at Pogmoor. Thank You we do appreciate you, ps this is our 2nd response!


    Have we copies of BMBC Hearing Statements?
    Difficult to argue with KIG Hearing Statements and massive THANKYOU to all who have taken such time and fully expressed our concern.


    Difficult to argue with KIG Hearing Statements and massive THANKYOU to all who have taken such time and fully expressed our concern

  9. Martin Rushforth says:

    Disgusting attitude from a council who are supposed to represent its constituents.