Hearing Statements from KiG Members

Dear Supporters,

See links below to Hearing Statements to Stage 2 of the Examination of Barnsley Local Plan.
These two Hearing Statements are from two of Keep it Green 2014 members.
They are well worth a read.
Keep it Green 2014 commends both Gentlemen for their outstanding endeavours in producing these Statements.

John Earnshaw – Stage 2 Hearing Statement
Brian Heathcote Stage 2 Hearing Statement

3 Responses so far.

  1. elizabeth watts says:

    I wouldn’t push too hard on the question of Brownfield! If you look at a Victorian OS map of the area, you will see a lot of it was open cast mine at the time, e.g. behind Mickleden Way, and so probably IS brownfield!!!!

  2. Maria Lane says:

    Appalling as the whole developments proposed for MU01 are, I thought the plan was for Hermit Lane to become a cul-de-sac but now see there is ANOTHER Road planned to link Higham to Church St, Gawber! This street is already inadequate for vehicles taking short cuts to Higham or Darton (also using Wharfedale Road as a convenient link to junction 37 of the M1) so I cannot imagine the consequences when a super-duper new road is available. When I was child in the 50’s and 60’s Hermit Lane was only a rutted farm track only used by farm vehicles.

  3. KiG says:

    Whatever the history of the land at MU1 it is currently classified as Green Belt and it certainly isn’t Brownfield.
    We asked Barnsley Council what Brownfield Land there was within the Borough.
    They didn’t know was their answer.
    We are sure that if MU1 was Brownfield Land the Council would have made that very clear to us.