Keep it Green 2014 Needs Your Help

Dear Supporters,
We are nearing the end of our fight to preserve the Green Belt area between Pogmoor, Higham, Barugh Green, Redbrook and Gawber known as MU1 within the Local Plan.
We at Keep it Green 2014 have worked hard since 2013 after it became apparent that something was afoot in our Green Belt that we knew nothing about.
We’ve arranged Public Meetings to keep you informed,
We’ve arranged Green Belt walks with pie n peas at the conclusion,
We’ve had many, many Steering Group Meetings to look at the latest developments,
We’ve attended other Campaign Group Meetings at Cudworth, Hoyland, Penistone and even in Leeds,
We’ve attended meetings with Angela Smith MP at her Constituency office in Stocksbridge,
We’ve attended meetings with BMBC Planning Officials together with Angela Smith MP,
We’ve set up a website and Facebook page to keep supporters informed,
We’ve given guided tours of MU1 to Sir Steve Houghton, Leader of Barnsley Council and also Andrew Wood of Campaign to Protect Rural England,
We’ve sent out numerous emails and Newsletters to keep you fully informed to list but a few of our endeavours.
Keep it Green 2014 now needs YOUR help!
The Examination in Public of the Local Plan commences next Tuesday, 16 May at 10am.
We are told there are spaces for around a hundred members of the public to witness the Examination.
We would ask anyone who can make it to be there as often as you possibly can be to show support for Keep it Green 2014.
But especially on Tuesday 16 May.
A quiet, dignified group of residents who are seriously concerned what happens in their back yard, their Green Belt.
We suggest you’re there outside The Core around 8.30pm onwards to show your concern to those entering the venue of the Examination that you are concerned.
Keep it Green 2014 lapel badges will be available to those who want them.
There will also be a senior Politician in attendance showing their support for retention of our Green Belt.
Once its gone its gone forever!
Please email to confirm your attendance.

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