Hearing Statements 1, 2, 3, 4.

Dear Supporters,

As part of the process of Examination of Barnsley’s Local Plan, Keep it Green 2014 has submitted further documents to the Inspector, Sarah Housden, for her consideration in determination of whether to 1. Approve the Plan, 2. Reject the Plan or 3. Approve the plan with changes.

As can be seen in the appendices at the end of Hearing Statement 1, there are minutes from a ‘Keep in Touch’ meeting between BMBC and Strata, the proposed Developer of site MU1, our Green Belt area.
These meetings have been taking place over many years, certainly from 2013 and possibly earlier than that. Before even the Draft Local Plan was put out for consultation.
Originally when KiG 2014 asked if these meetings were taking place BMBC asserted that there were no meetings taking place.
It took a Freedom of Information Request to get to the truth.
KiG 2014 are now supplied with the minutes from these ‘Keep in Touch’ meetings but there must be sensitive or embarrassing items being discussed as the minutes are redacted.

Below are links to KiG2014’s Hearing Statements 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Hearing Statement Main Matter 1

Hearing Statement Main Matter 2

Hearing Statement Main Matter 3 BLP Employment Background Paper Calibri

Hearing Statement Main Matter 4 BLP Housing Background Paper


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