Examination of the Local Plan

Colleagues, Fellow Campaigners and Supporters,
Keep it Green has received an E-Mail letter dated 27/03/17 from the Local Plan Programme Officer Richard Gilbert which sets down the Stage 1 and Stage 2 examination timetable.

You may have received one too and already followed up the links quoted in the email.
If not, you need to be aware that there are three important documents which have now been posted on the local plan timeline webpage, the links to which are shown below.
If you intend to request to be a participant at the examination of Stage 1 or submit a “hearing statement”, you need to read these documents carefully.
There are two key dates quoted in the documents referred to above which you also need to be aware of.
These are:-
 21/04/17 (17.00) –  Notification to the PO of intention to participate in Stage 1 hearing
– 03/05/17 (17.00) –  Submission of hearing statements to PO.
KIG 2014 hope that  this information is of interest to you and perhaps you could advise KIG 2014 what your intentions are in relation to the Stage 1 examination process and whether you will be requesting to participate at the hearing.

To reiterate –  If you want to attend and speak at the Examination you MUST put your name forward by Friday 21 April.
Should you like to attend and speak and are a little nervous, apprehensive maybe, about speaking then we are here to help, give guidance, advise.
It is very important that we have as many objectors as possible stating their own feelings about the loss of our Green Belt within our area to demonstrate to the Inspector the power and strength of feeling this absurd proposed snatch by BMBC of our Green Belt.
BMBC are NOT representing our views on this issue.
Let the Inspector know your views, she is there to listen to you.
Contact group@keepitgreen2014.co.uk for any help or information you may need.
Warm Regards
Keep It Green 2014

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