Correspondence from a Supporter

Correspondence from one of our knowledgable supporters.
Thank you KIG for preparing your submission to the Local Plan Consultation, an excellent document.
For those who haven’t followed the story in detail, the council’s about to embark on the public examination of the Local Plan, which involves, among other things, removal of vast tracts of Green Belt land for a claimed demand for housing and commercial development.
The council is claiming to be very confident that it’s made the case but developers and investors are not so sure, to the extent that £120million of YOUR money’s having to be spent on the town centre development recently trumpeted.
The council claims that there’s massive demand for large “sheds on roundabouts” but has had to wave money (your money again) under the noses of speculators to get them to build them so they can stand empty (check out Junction 36 of the M1).
As a further illustration of the concern that we all should feel, the Chronicle’s just confirmed the closure of an important tourist attraction, Wentworth Castle, due to lack of visitors. This is after £4million (of your money) has been spent on renovation.
Looking for a new “Executive Dwelling” in the Green Belt?
There are plenty for sale but don’t seem to be shifting very quickly.
Will it be better when we have a new cinema (we already have one) and a new bowling alley (we already have one)?
Still, there does appear to be at least one growth industry – the manufacture of large “TO LET” signs.
Let’s hope the Government Inspector’s not fooled by the spin.

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