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One of the reasons the length of the main document has gone up to 332 pages is that they’ve started to add more detail on specific sites, one of which is MU1, of course.

Here is a transcription of the relevant page for MU1:

Site MU1 Land south of Barugh Green Road

The site is proposed for mixed use predominantly for housing and employment. The indicative number of dwellings proposed on this site is 1700. These are included in the housing numbers for Urban Barnsley in the housing chapter.

43 ha of employment land is proposed on the site and is included in the employment land figures in the Urban Barnsley section of the Economy chapter.

A primary school and other community infrastructure will be included.

The development will be subject to the production of a phased masterplan covering the entire site which seeks to ensure that other uses come forward before completion of the housing.

  • a primary school is provided on the site
  • ground stability and contamination investigations are undertaken prior to development and necessary remedial works completed
  • on and off site highways infrastructure works are carried out, including a link road (Claycliffe Link) and improvements at Junction 37 as necessary
  • small scale convenience retail and community facilities are provided in compliance with Local Plan policy TC5 Small Local Shops
  • retain, buffer and manage the watercourse, grassland and woodland north- east of Hermit Lane;
  • retain, buffer and manage the species-rich hedgerows and boundary features. Where this is not possible transplant hedgerows including root balls and associated soils. A method statement for this should be provided and agreed prior to works
  • create/ retain wildlife corridors through/ across the site
  • any sustainable drainage system incorporating above-ground habitats must be designed from the outset to serve the whole
  • give consideration to the drain/ culvert that runs throughout the site
  • include measures for the protection and retention of the listed milepost on Barugh Green Road 500m west of the junction with Claycliffe Road and its immediate setting
  • archaeological remains may be present on this site therefore proposals must be accompanied by an appropriate archaeological assessment (including a field evaluation if necessary) that must include the following:
  • information identifying the likely location and extent of the remains, and the nature of the remains
  • an assessment of the significance of the remains
  • consideration of how the remains would be affected by the proposed development.

At least we now know what they have in mind without having to wait for Spawforths to put in their proposals (which we’ll be looking forward to seeing, regardless). They haven’t bothered to update their pretend website yet, but it’ll appear soon, no doubt. What we do know from FOIA requests us that there have been continued, detailed negotiations between Council and developers and they’re getting ready for what they hope will be a green light to rip up the Green Belt when the Government Inspector rules on the latest version of the Local Plan.

The phrase on and off site highways infrastructure works is interesting. We know about the proposed link road/bypass, but what about possible plans to use Farmhouse Lane as part of decongesting the Pogmoor Road/Dodworth Road junction in a new one-way system, as some rumours suggest?

Thank heavens they spotted the milepost on Barugh Green Road! Fortunately, the planned roundabout at the end of “The Road To Nowhere” will miss that spot!

Otherwise, there’s plenty to go at in comments.

We’re not alone, though. CPRE are looking at the latest version. There’s also a newsletter from them here: campaign/ Qik58FlESkN1MQhKC&broadcastId=121337&templateId=98174

Some of you may have seen notices pinned to lampposts, etc. This shows that the Council is trying to cover itself in terms of notifications.  For the last consultation there was a leaflet drop by our Councillors. This time, they don’t seem so keen. Do they think they don’t need to bother?

Please try to take advantage of the events listed in the Chronicle, on the Council website and in notification letters, extract below.

Extract from notification letter/email:

The Local Plan Publication Consultation document can also be viewed as a paper copy at Barnsley Central Library in Wellington House and branch libraries across the borough. Paper copies can be purchased by telephoning 01226 772606.

You can also comment on our Sustainability Appraisal which accompanies the Local Plan Publication Document in the same ways. This is available on our website and at Barnsley Central Library, Wellington House.

Copies of other ‘Submission Documents’ including the Health Impact Assessment, Habitat Regulations Assessment, Regulation 19 Representations Statement, Statement of Representations Procedure, comments form and guidance note for completing the comments form (which explains what is meant by legal compliance and soundness) are also available in the same places.

We will be visiting different locations around the borough where you will be able to drop in to see information about the documents and talk to us:


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