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Newsletter 23# – 13 April 2015

Headline: We have a candidate in the local elections on 7 May. See below.

Footpath Walk

In spite of dire weather warnings, we managed to hold our first footpath walk and pie&peas

event of the year yesterday, to coincide with CoVoP’s Day of Action (, a

national event.

There was an excellent turn out, considering the forecast, and all walkers had made the

shelter of Michael’s marquee before the heavens opened. We were directed efficiently by

Keith, who took some excellent record photos, which can be found here:

Local Plan Programme

After the walk, a brief update of KIG’s activities was given, summarised here:

Local Plan timetable

 Await confirmation that all comments are in (2926 so far).

 Expect next version to go to Cabinet in July (another PR opportunity).

 Next stage of consultation August/September – further delay.

 Public Examination starts January/February 2016 (playing catch up).

Link road/bypass (subject to Local Plan progress)

 Will not start planning before October 2015.

 Construction due to start August 2017.

 Construction complete September 2018.

 Still to look at this alongside Strata’s Masterplan phasing for inconsistencies.

KIG Actions

 Analyse comments, looking for new angles, points to address.

 Especially those from Strata (70 page “”Planning and Design Framework” (see


 Research base data, ie population, jobs, housing numbers used to justify taking

Green Belt.

 Publicity projects – walk; Tour de Yorkshire; local elections, other events.

 Publicity material – T-shirts; posters; window stickers (later).

 Preparing for a presentation to the Government Inspector.

 Attending a CPRE workshop on how to respond effectively to the Local plan.

Things supporters can do

 Spread the word

 Help with leafleting (see below)

 Have a look at the Spawforths document – can you find thing we’ve missed? Link



 There’s some silly and unbelievable stuff in this document, but it’s also very

dangerous and must be challenged. The yellow highlights and comments are ours.

 In their comments on the DLPC, Spawforths complain that BMBC should have put

their plans into the document, seeing as they’re so well developed, instead of just

using the “Mixed Use” description. BMBC say that they couldn’t do this because: “…

they are not agreed proposals and therefore have no status”. We beg to differ.

Local Elections

 Michael announced that he’s to stand as a candidate in the local elections on 7 May,

such is the lack of confidence in other candidates being able or willing to support

residents in their fight against the Green Belt snatch.

 This is reflected by a lack of even a mention of the issue in recently-circulated


 A campaign leaflet and press release are in preparation and will be circulated shortly.

 Help in distribution of the leaflet would be appreciated.

Ian Preddy 14.4.2015


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