Sir Steve on the radio

Hi all,

Further to the earlier newsletter covering Sir Steve’s appearance on Radio Sheffield, here’s a link to the part where our area of interest gets an airing.  I’ve uploaded two versions – a .mp3 and .wav, which should cover most media players.

We’ve also had an unconvincing response from BMBC on the issue of references to 25000 houses being bandied about in the Chronicle.  This figure came from a document called “The Housing Strategy”.  Fair enough, but it isn’t part of the documentation supporting the Draft local Plan, so I think we were in order complaining about its use in such a cavalier fashion.

As for our complaint about the poor publicising of the consultation, we understand that lessons will be learned from their and your experience of the first stage.  In fact, they’re already practising – with the door-to-door canvassing of residents to get them on to the on line voting register.  We’ve made a note for future reference.

Ian Preddy

Representing Keep It Green 2014

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