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Only incidental stories in this week’s Chronicle (at least in our edition – await feedback from Hoyland).

In our last newsletter we reported on new groups being set up in the Mount Vernon area and Hoyland.  This week, there was a meeting of concerned citizens in Penistone, to which we were invited and one of our team made a presentation.

CPRE were at the meeting and also made a presentation.  They followed up with a very good piece on their website:

We’ll be meeting the Mount Vernon group on Thursday next and are in discussion with the Hoyland group about a meeting with them and their supporters.  The theme common to these new groups is “We didn’t know this was happening …”.  What’s in the news at the moment?  The government’s aim to get everybody registered to vote on line.  Join the dots (and look out for a further note on this).

We also mentioned in the last newsletter that Cllr Miller is suggesting that the new housing required for Barnsley is nearer 25000 than the unjustified 20330 in the Draft Local Plan.  We’ve written to BMBC asking them if this is a new target or just Cllr Miller showboating.  No response to date.  More when we get an answer.

Finally, after lying low during the consultation, Spawforths are on the move again.  They’ve clearly not got the message yet.  It’s understood that they’ve asked for meetings with individual residents in Higham and Barugh Green, but we’re not aware of any contact with residents in other communities.  Does anybody have any information on this?  We assume at this stage that this initiative by Spawforths is a response to these residents ticking the box for more information when they attended the 8 July 2014 drop in at Barugh Green WMC.  Did any residents from Pogmoor, Gawber or Redbrook sign up for further information, or was it just residents of Higham and Barugh Green?

Ian Preddy

Representing Keep It Green 2014

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