Newsletter 18

Hi all,

Nearly there!  If you haven’t got your comments in yet, you’ve just a couple of days to do it.  Many thanks to all those who have made the effort so far.

Thanks also to the volunteer petition pushers.  We don’t yet have a final total of signatures, but it’s a lot higher than our first guess.  Thanks again.

The team’s individual comments are more or less ready to go and will appear over the weekend, along with a looooong comment by KIG.

We’ve been copied in on CPRE’s comments and they’re available here:

Please find time to read them.  If we may be so bold, they say a lot of the things you and we have been saying, but in a much more professional and scientific way.  Their comments on housing numbers are a bit scary at first reading (40/hectare isn’t high enough), but when you read the qualifications you’ll see that we shouldn’t be worried.

We met with the Head of Barugh Green Primary yesterday and are putting together a few notes thereon, but we’re hoping to hear back from Gawber School’s head before we publish.

One resident, responding to our suggestion of contacting schools and BMBC Education Dept, has received a reply from the latter that suggests all they’re waiting for is the colour swatches for the decorating scheme for the new school!  What school?  Where?  How big?

How’s that for democracy and the value of consultation?  How can they be so sure that it’s all sorted when all we have is a blank piece of Green Belt called MU1?  This is most unsatisfactory and will be raised as one of our comments and directly with BMBC.  They’re taking YOU for granted.  Let’s make sure they don’t get away with a repeat of the Central Library fiasco.

Ian Preddy

Representing Keep It Green 2014

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