Newsletter #15

Hi all,

We have heard that BMBC has graciously allowed an extension to the Draft Local Plan Consultation (DLPC) to take into account the late delivery of documents and possibly, but not admitted, the sheer size and complexity of the task.  The new end date is midnight on 11 January 2015, an extension of three weeks.

Is it enough?  We’re still working on the alternative methods of commenting and are finding the job rather difficult.  Whether an extra three weeks will be enough will, to some extent, depend on how quickly we can put our proposals out to you, and then how quickly you are able to respond.  We/you may need to ask for more time.

On a brighter note, we now have our own “movie”, in the form of a brilliant Youtube video.  It’s on our Facebook page, but here’s a direct link to it.  We hope you’ll give it the widest possible circulation.  A big thank you to the creators and editors.

Also enclosed is a selection of news stories from this week’s Chronicle.  The first page deals with business issues that have an indirect link to the Green Belt issue.

At the top of the second page is letter to the Editor complaining about the way our public meeting on 23 November last.  Further down are two stories that must be related at one level or another and will also impact in some way on the Green Belt issue.  I feel another letter to the Editor coming on …

chron bit

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