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Well, the Green Belt Review”s a fascinating document.  It’s supposedly been prepared by Ove Arup and Partners, but I suspect they, in turn, subcontracted it to Marvel Comics.

Of the 201 pages of the collected documents, all you need to read are pages 19 to 29 of this document:

If you wish to download my marked up version, it’s here:

The yellow highlights are mine, as are the comments.  Click on, or hover over the speech bubble to see what’s written.

Basically, though, as we all know, it’s been preordained that the land be taken out of Green Belt.  Even the scoring system itself is “adjusted” to make it even harder to get a high score.  The five principles of the Green Belt, so beloved by Cllr Burgess and Eric Pickles are twisted out of all recognition to get the required result.

In the conclusions: 

“Resultant Land Parcel UB2a – The resulting land parcel identified as a potential option to be released from the Green Belt comprises the full extent of the General Area.  The land parcel provides the opportunity to re-define the Green Belt boundary by utilising the M1 motorway in the west and the rail line in the south. This resulting land parcel has been coded as UB2a”.

This distinction is not necessary to defend the Green Belt, only to release land with a big value-added potential.  The other interesting thing to consider is that there is no “what if” analysis of the consequences of this action.  This is left to the Draft Local Plan Consultation, which somehow fails to address these details.

Ian Preddy

Representing Keep It Green 2014

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