Newsletter 9

Newsletter 9
Keep It Green 2014
Newsletter 9# – 3 August 2014
News Round Up
Spawforths Drop In Session on 8.6.14
Thanks to Spawforths’ rather patchy flyer distribution and our own (and others’) leaflet
drops, there was a very strong attendance at the event and our mailing list increased from
about 80 to over 300.
The latest information available suggests that Spawforths are following up on their promise
to start street-by-street “consultations” (in an attempt at divide and conquer?). More
information will follow as soon as we have it. These are the questions we’ve asked
1. Is this part of the street-by-street approach, suggested at the drop in session?
2. What is the precise purpose of the “event”?
3. Which streets are involved this time?
4. How are you making sure all residents are aware?
5. Where and when will the “event” be held?
6. Can anybody turn up?
7. Which streets will you be addressing next (ideally, do you have a roll-out
programme you could share with us?)?
Many thanks to all residents who attended and who took the trouble to provide feedback
on their experience at the event.

One of the actions arising from the event was an undertaking by Keep It Green 2014 to
help residents to start to pressurise their representatives, by large scale correspondence,
including asking them to state their views on the subject. This has been dealt with in a
separate circular.
Footpath Walk on 27.7.14
This was a great success, with good publicity in the Sheffield Star and a photo in the latest
Barnsley Chronicle. Details and photos can be found on our website. We raised a total of
just over £400 from sales of the pies and peas, badges and donations, for which we’re
very grateful. The bad news is that, after one-off costs for re-usable material, we made a
slight loss, but will be well set for the next event, which may be a stall at the Locke Park
Gala on 10 August.
The local manager of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) could not attend on
the day, but did walk the route with members of the steering group the following day, and
followed up with an excellent article for their website, which they also sent to the Barnsley
Chronicle, and which we covered in another circular. It’s been pointed out that the
geography’s slightly awry in the opening sentence, but that shouldn’t spoil the overall
Another walk, along a different route, is at the planning stage and should take place before
the end of August. More details will follow as soon as possible (again, see a separate
The Local Plan Programme
We understand that the first consultation on the Local Plan will now not take place before
October of this year. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you informed. We are
planning events, including the footpath walk mentioned above, possibly another public
meeting, to maintain pressure on the Council leading up to, and throughout the
consultation process.
We are also monitoring the planning process for signs of activity on the Strata proposals
and the link road.
In the meantime, you can help us show the Council we mean business by contacting your
local politicians, as described above.
The National Picture
We are affiliated to an umbrella organisation called Community Voice on Planning (CoVoP
– and will be represented at a planning session, in preparation for a
meeting in London on 1 September 2014 (more details enclosed, CoVoP News)
Our list of interested residents continues to grow, not least thanks to leaflet drops and your
efforts to get neighbours involved. We expect to gain even more support once Spawforths
start their street-by-street contacts and even more residents start to realise what’s at stake.
Ian Preddy/ 3.8.14

CoVoP News
Keep It Green 2014
Extract from Newsletter published by Community Voice on Planning (CoVoP)
This is just a periodic update to keep you all informed of progress at the National level.
We are trying to keep up the pressure on the policital parties prior to the election next year.
To that end we are attending a meeting with Greg Mulholland and his colleagues this week
to work on a manifesto put together by a range of campaigners who share a similar vision
for the future of the planning system.
The attendees include: Greg Mulholland MP (LD, Leeds North West); Philip Davies MP (C,
Shipley); Fiona Bruce MP (L, Congleton), Sir Nick Harvey MP (LD, North Devon); Alok
Sharma MP (C, Reading West); David Ingham (Wharfdale & Airedale Review
Development); Ian Harvey & Freddie Gick (Civic Voice); Paul Minor (CPRE); Duncan
McCallum (English Heritage); Adam Royle (NT); Paul Adams and Julie Mabberley
In common with many of the affiliated groups we have been invited to to attend a
discussion forum with Committee MPs at 3.30pm on Monday 1 September at Portcullis
House, Westminster for the NPPF inquiry. This may be an opportunity to get a number of
our members together face to face anyway. There may even be sufficient a number of
groups on the same day to hold a rally but I guess that only one person from each group
will be invited.
We are also in communication with the MPs Interest Group on the Green Belt led by Chris
Skidmore MP.
Our next get-together and Trustees meeting will take place at the Navigation Inn, Barrow
Upon Soar, Loughborough, LE12 8LQ on Sunday 10 August. Please let me know if you
want to send a representative. We will be discussing the outcomes from the meeting this
week and the preparation for the NPPF Inquiry discussion forum as well as other actions
to put pressure on the main political parties.

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