Important Meeting

Spawforths Planning Consultants have leafleted some areas saying that they are holding a CONSULTATION DROP IN MEETING at Barugh Green Working Mens Club on Tuesday July 8th between 10am to 7pm to discuss there involvement with Strata and the provision of 9000 homes needed by Barnsley Council under the Local Development plan which comes in this September

Plans and proposals will be on view and there will be opportunities to leave comments.

They talk of houses, industrial units and a new road, as we know this is planned over the green belt fields we are fighting to save, not only for us but future generations, the wildlife and the whole of Barnsley !

So the time for action is getting nearer, we have been working behind the scenes for months and as the LDP in September draws nearer we have things planned and need your help and support

Please try to attend and leave your objections in the strongest possible terms

Thank you for reading



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