Our Purpose

We are a group of people who have got together after seeing surveyors and test drilling being carried out in the nearby greenbelt fields... Read more

Our Concerns

The planned development threatens the quality of life in this area:

  1. Urban sprawl
  2. Loss of identity
  3. Flood risk
  4. Pollution
  5. Loss of wildlife habitat
  6. Pressure on infrastructure
  7. Long term disruption
  8. Devaluation of property
  9. Invasion of privacy

Our Actions

Actions Taken
Nov 2013 - Distributed 300 leaflets to some affected properties
Dec 2013 - Attended public meeting (approximately 100 people)
Feb 2014 - Met with Angela Smith MP
Feb 2014 - Interview with Barnsley Chronicle
See the 'News' section of this website for updates and next actions